Program Description

March 28th is the Regular and Team Deadline.  Teams need to have 3 Players by this Date.  Teams will begin having Free Agents Added to them or will be merged with other Small Teams beginning March 29th.

The Event is on Saturday March 31st from 12:30 to 2PM at Frankie's Fun Park (140 Parkridge Drive, Columbia, SC 29212).

Yup, that's right, the Masters of Putt-Putt!  

Teams of 3-4 Will Compete to be crowned the Champions of Everplay Mini-Golf!  Check out out our rules below.

- Everyone will start on a hole on the course and play through the entire Course to make 18 Holes (everyone starts at the same time).  The two lowest recorded scores amongst the Team will be the score for that hole.  For instance, if Golfer 1 gets a 4 and Golfers 2 and 3 get 2's, Golfers 2 and 3's Score will be recorded for the hole making it a 4.

- Each Team will play 18 Holes.  If there is a tie for 1st Place after 18 Holes, those Teams will face off in Sudden Death.

- Winners will received Champions Koozies, Pics With Trophy and Banner, Candy Rings, Bragging Rights, and Money donated to a Charity of their Choice.

Program Details
Official Rules: Mini Golf Rules
Location: Columbia - Frankies Fun Park
Registration Dates:

Now — Mar 30, '18 Regular & Team Deadline

Max Teams:18
Team Roster:3 Players Minimum, at least 0 of each gender. 4 Players Maximum.
First Game Date:Saturday, March 31, 2018
Last Game Date:Saturday, March 31, 2018
Individual Price: Regular & Team Deadline $20.00 (See Refund Policy)
Team Price: Regular & Team Deadline $79.00 (See Refund Policy)
Everplay Sponsors/Partners: