When Everplay's Co-Founders: Jay Chambers, Don Mills, and Tyler Pavlis began in December 2015, they strived to make Everplay a community league that gives back.  As of January 2020, Everplay has donated over $21,000 to various charities.  

As a very small local organization, this is something that the managers and employees are very proud to do and be a part of.

After receiving some feedback from several league members and staff, we are developing our "Everplay For A Cause" program which gives $250 to all of the bracket winners of our kickball leagues: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (Social and Super Social) EVERY season!  This will annually ensure that Everplay pays out over $4,000 to charities selected by YOU! 

Thanks for everyone in the Columbia area's continued support of Everplay!  

Don, Jay, Tyler, and Alex


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