⛳️ Masters of Putt Putt⛳️

1. Team Size - No More than 4 per Team, Minimum should be 3.  We have both the Individual and Team Pay Option.  It is much more advantageous to have 4 rather than 3.

2. Scoring

  1. Teams will play together on each hole. 
  2. The Two Lowest Scores will be recorded for each Hole.  For example, if Golfer 4 shoots a 4, Golfer 3 shoots a 3, Golfer 2 shoots a 2, and Golfer 1 shoots a 1.  Golfers 1 and 2 scores will be recorded for that Hole equaling a 3. 
  3. The two higher scores are dropped and two lowest scores are recorded for each hole.
  4. If 2 players hit holes in one, move on to the next hole as there is no way to beat this.

3. DEFINITION OF A STROKE:  Every time the putter touches the ball, that counts as ONE STROKE.  Regardless of whether it barely rolled at all, regardless of whether you meant to do it or not … it still counts as a stroke.

4. We use the HONOR SYSTEM when counting our strokes.  It’s all about having fun so please don’t ruin it by cheating.  If cheating is discovered, Team will be eliminated from competition. Please keep track of your strokes accurately. One person in your group will be in charge of writing down the scores. 

5. BALLS LEAVING THE PUTTING AREA:  If you hit your ball too hard and it bounces OFF the putting area, you must start again from the tee.  The errant shot counts as a stroke.  You do NOT receive an additional penalty stroke.  Your penalty is having to start from the tee again.

6. WHO HITS FIRST?   Decide amongst your group the order on the first hole. After that, typically, the person who scored lowest on the previous hole has “Honors” (hits first).  If no one scored lower on the previous hole, use the same order you used last.  This isn't a requirement, just preferred.

7. Rules of Stroke Play

  1. The Top 8 Teams who play the 27 holes in the fewest strokes make the Playoffs (the 2 Lowest Scores on each Hole are Recorded).  In the Playoffs, the original scores are wiped clean and Teams will have 12 Holes of Pressure Cooking Putts!  The Lowest Scores from the Top 8 Teams in the 12 Hole Playoff will be declared the Winner.  If 2 or more Teams are tied at the conclusion of the 9 Holes, Teams will pick a player from each Team(s) to do a Sudden Death putt-off until a winner is declared.
  2. One stroke penalty if: Ball jumps fairway – play next shot from spot where ball jumped fairway. Ball is snagged in an obstacle – free ball and play from that spot, not nearer the hole.
  3. Equipment
  4. Clubs-Balls                                                               
  5. Player's Responsibilities
  6. Players should check their score after each hole for accuracy. Scores may not be altered once the scorecard has been turned in. Turn in one scorecard per group. Score card must be signed by team captain.  Scorecards will be turned after 27 Holes. to determine Final 8.
  7. There will be no handicapping of scores.
  8. Players should not unduly delay play.
  9. The playing of practice strokes during the play of a hole or between holes is forbidden.
  10. The number of strokes a player has taken shall include penalty strokes incurred.

8. Winners - The Winners will be determined as the Team with the lowest score overall after 27 holes of regular play and the 12 Hole Playoff.  The winners will receive Champs Gifts, Bragging Rights, Money Donated to a Charity of their Choice, and Pics.

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